The Wake of Light

The Wake of Light Subtitles

The Wake of Light is a romantic drama about Mary (played by Rome Brooks), a young woman grappling between the deep-felt responsibility in caring for her aging father and their broken down farm and her newfound feelings for Cole, a charismatic young man (played by Matt Bush) passing through town on the way to see the Grand Salt Flats in Utah, who falls for her and asks her to join him on his journey. In confronting the heart-rending choice to leave her father and journey with Cole, Mary is forced to confront the real issue keeping her from having a life of her own.

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Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Renji Philip

Actors: Lincoln Bodin, Rome Brooks, Matt Bush, William Lige Morton


Runtime: 85

Year: 2019

IMDb Rating:8.0 10 8602

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