The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold

The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold Subtitles

In and out of jail her whole life, Crazy Amy Stronghold seems to be stuck in a rut as a homeless street hustler, until her estranged daughter wants to reunite but not until she gets a real job and a house in suburbia. But when her daughter arrives unexpectedly, at her white-washed house, full of all her strongholds, Amy must learn how to be set free from within before her daughter is lost to her forever.

2021-02-19 07:23:24

Genre: Drama

Director: Seth Himes

Actors: Sheena Georges, Yeshara Ruth, Joy Yaholkovsky, Sherie Suter


Runtime: 97

Year: 2021

IMDb Rating:1 10 3656

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