Rumah Maduku Berhantu

Rumah Maduku Berhantu Subtitles

Saufi is a real estate agent who lives happily with his wife Sofea and their daughter. His old pal Ali persuades Saufi to do him a favour by being a 'Pak Sanggup' by marrying his ex-wife Alia just for one night. This temporary marriage gets complicated when Ali suddenly dies and now Saufi has to hide his second wife from his first wife's knowledge. He lets Alia stay in one of his houses - an old bungalow but it is not empty. There is an entity living there that does not want to share its home.

2022-01-14 17:19:51

Genre: Comedy

Director: A. Razak Mohaideen

Actors: Saiful Apek, Nadia Brian, Zizan Razak

Year: 2021

IMDb Rating:1 10 4283

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