Far til fire & vikingerne

Far til fire & vikingerne Subtitles

The normally so closely united family is having a crisis. Mie and Ole can no longer stand sharing a room, big sister Sis is tired of acting as the family's spare mother, and Father does not have the usual surplus to tackle Uncle Anders' peculiar behavior. Leaving Tiny Per, alone and sad about it all. Uncle Anders therefore enrolls the family to stay at a family therapy center, where they must live as Vikings for a week

2021-02-22 10:52:09

Genre: Comedy, Family

Director: Martin Miehe-Renard

Actors: Martin Brygmann, Thomas Bo Larsen, Elton Rokahaim Møller, Coco Hjardemaal


Runtime: 85

Year: 2020

IMDb Rating:4.1 10 8172

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